Who is College Material?

‘are those students who fail college placement exams actually college material?’ “…the single greatest predictor of whether a student will succeed or fail in college is not what he knows when he graduates from high school but what he wants to know when he graduates from high school. Intellectual curiosity is more determinative than high test scores or good work habits because it precedes them — indeed, it causes them.

Home School Academic Achievement Numbers

Most homeschoolers are aware of the superior academic proficiency of their students in comparison to non-homeschoolers. In the past, it was hard to prove this. But now, the National Home Education Research Institute has released a study proving this very fact.

Record Keeping Resources

record keeping can be one of the toughest aspects for those parents who are “organizationally challenged”

Test Taking Resources


what is the best way I can prepare my student to take the (fill in your favorite standardized test here) test?

Home Schoolers Playing Sports?


how can my son play sports if I homeschool him? He’s a great athlete but if he doesn’t go to the local public school, what opportunities does he have?