Can Low Math Scores be Fixed?

I have a student who excels in everything except Math. How do I help make up for her low SAT or ACT math scores?

What Tests Should My Student Take?

What kind of testing should be done, and when should it start? Although standardized tests are similar, they differ in their testing philosophy.

Entrance Tests & Scholarships

Several times a week I’m going to attempt to answer specific questions from my readers directly, in the form of a blog post.
Today’s list of questions comes from Dayna. She asks…

Home School Academic Achievement Numbers

Most homeschoolers are aware of the superior academic proficiency of their students in comparison to non-homeschoolers. In the past, it was hard to prove this. But now, the National Home Education Research Institute has released a study proving this very fact.

Test Taking Resources

what is the best way I can prepare my student to take the (fill in your favorite standardized test here) test?